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YThe DGM Smart SIMs?

Q1. What is Dual Global Mobile SIM all about?

A1. The Dual Global Mobile SIM is a World Free Roaming GSM SIM with a + 44 UK & +1 US Tel numbers in the SIM to place and receive calls in 220+ countries and free incoming calls in 120+ countries worldwide.

Q2. What do you mean by Free Roaming?

A2. It means you are not charged any connection fee for using the Dual Global Mobile for calling & receiving calls, sending and receiving sms, browsing, etc. outside the domiciled country of the network provider which may be your country of origin when you travel abroad with their SIM and/or Network. When you are not charged any connection fee or no money deposit/bond required for using your local SIM and/or Network overseas outside the domiciled country of the network provider, but you are only billed or pay the required affordable outgoing rates, it is ‘Free Roaming’

The Dual Global Mobile SIM has Free Roaming feature. This is in contrast with your local GSM Network providers when you use their local SIM and/or Network to travel abroad for business, conference, vacation, pleasure,, etc. you are charged a high connection fee (which in most cases is added to the per minute billing) and by the time this sums up itself per minute, you will be paying very high calling rate and with such high connection fee, they cannot offer you (their customer or subscriber) free incoming calls in many countries when you use their SIM/Network outside the domiciled network country. 

With such mobile global telephony billing system when traveling overseas, you are in for a huge telephone bills to be deducted from your credit card, bill or bank account. And this charge may be separate from other pre-travel obligation charge/s some network providers would want you to deposit money as bond before your phone may be programmed for roaming overseas!

So many international travelers do not use their local SIM effectively when they travel abroad with it due to high charges for calling and/or receiving calls and sms services. If you cannot use your local SIM abroad effectively due to the above stated reasons and other reasons such as no coverage in a particular country, poor connection and interruption during calls and/or receiving, then you need to get a Dual Global Mobile SIM for any of your trips abroad! The Dual Global Mobile SIM has a zero or free roaming charges!

You can imagine you are been charged a roaming fee [in other words a connection fee] in addition to high rates for calling and/or receiving calls when traveling abroad. This is the reason a lot of travelers using local SIMs to roam overseas may be able to see incoming calls, but afraid to pick up the call because it would cost them much. This is not applicable to the Dual Global Mobile SIM. You are not charged any roaming fee and you have free incoming call in 120+ countries worldwide. So, if your loved ones, friends and business associates call you, you are free to answer the call and you could talk with them straight away without the fear of high charges! You are not afraid to pick up the calls instead of using an online call (which you would still pay) or getting a local SIM in that country (which you would still pay for it and may not stay to use it because you are not a resident in that country) just to place and receive call for the few days or short period you will stay there. This does not make any business sense. And you do not need to buy local SIM cards in any country you travel to, just to stay in contact with your loved ones, friends or business associates, which would cost you much and again, does not make business sense. 

What you need is the Dual Global Mobile SIM – ONE SIM for the whole world! From the airport upon landing, you have access and network with the Dual Global Mobile SIM to receive call at no cost and place calls at a very low rate. 

If you still want to have a local number of the country you wish to travel to, it is possible with the Dual Global Mobile SIM. Apart from the +44 UK & +1 US numbers that come with the SIM, you can subscribed for a local DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Tel number in that country through the Dual Global Mobile platform and you use with your SIM! Again, ONE SIM for the whole world. Currently, we have DID Tel numbers available from 60+ countries and in 4000+ cities worldwide. We are constantly adding more DID Tel numbers from other countries. You can get more information on renting a local telephone number (DID) in the country you travel to or planning to travel to in our website by clicking on “Products” link on the homepage and then navigate to ‘DualDID’.

Q3. Which countries have Free ($0) Incoming Calls”?

A3. Currently in 120+ countries worldwide as follows: 

* United States of America (USA) #, * United Kingdom (UK), * Algeria, * Angola,      * Australia, * Austria, * Bahrain, * Belgium, * Bermuda, * Bolivia, * Bosnia & Herzegovina, * Brunei Darussalam, * Bulgaria,* Burundi, * Canada,* Chad,             * China**, * Costa Rica, * Cyprus, * Denmark, * Czech Republic, * Egypt,* Estonia, * Finland, * France, * French Guiana, * Georgia, * Germany, * Greece,                      * Guadeloupe, * Guernsey, * Hong Kong**, * Hungary, * Iceland, * India**,             * Indonesia**, * Ireland , * Israel, * Italy,    * Japan, * Jersey, * Jordan,                       * Kazakhstan, * Kenya, * Korea, Republic of, * Kuwait, * Kyrgyzstan, * Latvia ,         * Lebanon, * Lithuania, * Luxembourg, * Malawi, * Malta, * Martinique, * Mayotte, * Mongolia,* Montserrat, * Morocco**, * Mozambique**, * Namibia**,                      * Netherlands, * Netherlands Antilles,* New Zealand, * Nigeria, * Paraguay**,         * Poland, * Portugal, * Puerto Rico, * Reunion, * Romania, * Russia,* Saudi Arabia, * Slovakia (Slovak Republic), * Slovenia Republic, * South Africa, * Spain,                 * Sri Lanka**, * St. Croix (US Virgin Islands), * St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands),         * St. Johns (US Virgin Islands), * Sweden, * Switzerland, * Tajikistan**,                      * Thailand**, * Turkey, * Uganda, * Uruguay**, * Venezuela, * Vietnam, * Zambia,

 #- Caller must call you on your UK +44 number in order to receive a free incoming call when in the US and also in other countries where there is free incoming calls.

* Free incoming call countries are subject to change without notice on our website. However, more free incoming call countries are constantly added to the list!

*Free incoming calls may not be available in all periods of the day and week – peak, offpeak or super offpeak.

** In some countries, you would have to select a particular network to roam on in order to have free incoming call. 

Q4. Once I received the SIM, what do I do?

A4. You cut if off from the SIM card, insert into any unlocked GSM Phone and it will register in our database and you will see receive an SMS telling you your UK number. Also it might show you Profiles (Automatic, USA, Global & Prime). It will be helpful you follow the instructions in the User Guide to guide you properly on how to use your Dual Global Mobile SIM. For the US number, you would need to dial *160# from the phone the SIM is inserted to receive your US number.

Q5. Why do you say “No Network Problem”?

A5. Because the SIM roams on any of the existing GSM networks in the country you are in. For instance, if you switch on your phone with the SIM inserted, after booting the SIM will automatically pick up a network signal of any of the GSM networks available with the very strongest signal in that state/city/town/area in that country. As you move, the SIM automatically detects and selects network with the strongest signal in that area and automatically switches to that network and vice versa without any noticeable effect on the call quality, neither any call (outgoing or incoming) disruption or it will remain on the network it initial picked up if it is very strong after the booting of the phone with the Dual Global Mobile SIM inserted! 

For instance, if you are in an area with a very strong GSM network “A” and as you move or travel to another city or area where the GSM “A” network signal is weak or not even available or no coverage in that area, the Dual Global Mobile SIM automatically switches to any available strong or average GSM networks signals say, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “E” networks, depending on the number of GSM companies’ networks operational in that country. 

Sometimes, if there are few GSM networks in a particular area , you may just need to manually select in your phone and roam on any of the few GSM networks in that area. You can also decide to manually select a network and saved your roaming on that network. Your Dual Global Mobile SIM never lacks network. It is only and only when ALL THE GSM networks operational in that country are switched off that the Dual Global Mobile SIM may not be able to pick a network signal to roam on. But such switching off of ALL the GSM networks in a country is very rare. Even though this occurs, then your Dual Global Mobile SIM is readily much available for use when you travel abroad unlike would be those shot down local GSM networks in that country which may become redundant! 

Q6. Why this SIM is called Global?

A6. Because it is specifically designed for global use in 220+ countries with zero roaming charges and free incoming calls in 120+ countries unlike local SIMs that are designed mostly for affordable local use but very expensive global use, high roaming charges and limited global coverage when traveling abroad.

Q7. Does it cost me much to use it in my country like using a local SIM to call and receive calls?

A7. The Dual Global Mobile SIM is specifically designed for the frequent, periodic and occasional international traveler. The purpose is to cut down roaming charges and reduce high costs for calling and receiving calls when traveling abroad from one country to another for business, conferences, vacations and visit, etc. You would save good money for using the Dual Global Mobile SIM when roaming the world if you do or intend to place and receive calls frequently, periodically or even occasionally instead of using a local SIM to roam with limited coverage, high calling rates and no free incoming calls in most countries. It could save you between US$2400 and US$5800 and you would have wide global coverage and call clarity for using the Dual Global Mobile SIM to roam overseas than using your Local SIM to travel overseas within a period of 6-12 months in a year. By all standards, the Dual Global Mobile is a good reason why you need it when traveling overseas! Why we do not compete with local network SIMs in placing and receiving calls locally or when placing calls overseas while stationary in your country of residence, the Dual Global Mobile SIM calling rates may be cheaper when calling some local destination numbers and also when calling some countries overseas from your country of residence. You may need to look up our call rates online using the ‘Rates Calculator’ and compare with your local network call rates locally and when calling some countries overseas.

Q8. How about outgoing caller ID?

A8. Normally, the Dual Global Mobile SIM has +44 UK & +1 US numbers, which means two telephone numbers – one a UK telephone number and the other a US telephone number. You can program your outgoing Call ID to either be the + 44 UK complete number or the +1 US complete number. What would show on the phone screen of the party you are calling would be either of the number you program to be your outgoing Call ID no matter the country you are in anywhere in the world! Also, if you subscribe to any of or many or all of the DualDID telephone numbers, you can as well program your Dual Global Mobile Call ID to be any of the DualDID telephone number in that country you have subscribed. However, you would need to use the DualPBX feature in your smartphone with to achieve this. You can also receive calls placed to your DualDID telephone number no matter the country you are in anywhere in the world.

Q9. Am I charged a monthly or yearly fee or any access charge fee for using the Dual Global Mobile SIM?

A9. No! You are not charged a monthly or yearly fee for the SIM neither for the UK number nor are the US number and you not charged any access fee for using the Dual Global Mobile SIM. We have abolished all those monthly or yearly fee for using the Dual Global Mobile. No annual SIM renewal fee for the SIM and we have abolished the 60-day rule with the use of the US number of the SIM.

Other Global SIMs will charge you a monthly or yearly fee and the 60-day rule applies to the US number of their SIMs. The 60-day rule requires

you should be physically present (or you gave someone) your SIM to use when the person travels to the United States or Canada every 60 days and the SIM registers on a USA soil network or on a Canada soil network. If you are residing in the USA and your SIM registers at least once in every 59 days period in a year, you are not subject to this 60-day rule. If you cannot keep to this rule, you will use your US number of the SIM [though you can still get a new one] or you can opt for a monthly fee from $4 to $20 in order to keep your same US number. But must you continue to change your US number every 60 day period if you do not travel to the US every 60 day? The answer is No! You can as well do not bother for this 60-day rule or the monthly fee for keeping the USA number and it would be recycled on the very 60th day of the SIM out of US or Canada soil. 

Dual Global Mobile has abolished all this rule and you can just have your first time activated UK and US telephone numbers as permanent numbers without losing any of the numbers including the US number and without us charging you a fee for the US number either any monthly or yearly.

Q10. Can I decide on a particular state and city telephone code for the US number to be assigned to my Dual Global Mobile SIM? For instance, I want a US telephone number to be Washington, DC that is with city/area code (202) or to be state of New York in Long Island (516)?

A10. For the original IMSI +44 & +1 US Numbers of the Dual Global Mobile, you do not have a choice on the particular state and/or city telephone code. It is automatically assigned to the SIM. The US number of the Dual Global Mobile SIM is provided based on availability from few states across USA hence it is automatically assigned to your SIM to enable us exhaust quotas given to us for a particular state at a particular period. However, if you want a specific choice or preference of the US number tied to a state/city and code, then you would have to subscribe for a DualDID Local Telephone Numbers that has wide availability across the 50 states in the US with preferences in city/area telephone codes. The DualDID Local Telephone Numbers are also available from more than 50 countries worldwide with preferences with city/area telephone codes in more than 4000 cities worldwide as well. To see more info on the DualDID, click here. The good news is that you can subscribe and map any of the DualDID local telephone numbers to any of the following phones:

* Dual Global Mobile SIM

* Your country local Regular phone


* Google Talk

However, we cannot guarantee fully that you can successfully receive calls place to your subscribed DualDID telephone number on your Local Regular country phone or VOIP or the Google Talk. But we do guarantee fully for the Dual Global Mobile SIM.

Q11(a). Do I need to have on file my credit/debit card or deposit a fixed amount of money before traveling overseas with the Dual Global Mobile SIM?

A11(a). No! You do not need either as it is “Pay As You Go” SIM. 

Q11(b). What are the call rates and call charges!

A11(b). See our websites for details at; and click on “Coverage” in the top menu list and navigate to click on “Global Rates Calculator – VOICE & SMS”. Calling rates vary from one country to another and is also determined by the country you are in with the SIM physically. However, if you are using the Web Initiated Call feature of your Dual Global Mobile account, you should be looking at a call rate from 2 cents per minute in some countries and if you are using the SIM (SIM initiated Call), you should be looking at a call rate from 5 cents per minute. 

Q12. What is Web Initiated Call?

A12. Web Initiated Call means using your Dual Global Mobile account online logged in from any electronic device with internet connection to initiate a call using any phone number, not necessary the Dual Global Mobile SIM number but any valid phone number could be used to initiate a web initiated call including the Dual Global Mobile SIM number. Web Initiated Call simply means initiating calls from your Dual Global Mobile account online while the SIM Initiated Call means initiating Call directly from your Dual Global Mobile SIM inserted in an unlocked phone.

Q13. How much airtime credit amount do I need to have in my SIM account before I travel abroad?

A13. From $0 to any amount of airtime credit.

Q14. Do you have a yearly renewal fee?

A14. No! We have abolished this as well. No monthly or yearly renewal fee for the use of the Dual Global Mobile. 

Q15. Is the Dual Global Mobile SIM call rate lower most local SIMs call rates when traveling abroad?

A15. Yes!

Q16. What advantages is the Dual Global Mobile SIM compared to Local SIMs in terms of doing business international apart from using the SIM for traveling abroad for vacation, conferences and other purposes?

A16. With the Dual Global Mobile Telephone numbers, whether the UK, US or other DualDID local telephone numbers mapped to your SIM, you can create a very local presence in the country of your business partner and provide them with your Dual Global Mobile telephone numbers having their country telephone dialing code and even specific state/city/area telephone codes if you subscribe for a DualDID local telephone number for that state/city/area. With this, they would feel more comfortable to call your Dual Global Mobile and/or DualDID local telephone number in their country as they may not need to pay a long distance fee for calling your local number if they are on a monthly plan with their telephone network provider as with most businesses in the United States. With the Dual Global Mobile SIM and/or the DualDID local telephone number subscription, you could have virtual and even physical offices in more than 20 countries worldwide and have local telephone numbers subscribed in those countries and you could either integrate and map all these numbers with your Dual Global Mobile SIM or any regular phone number (if your local provider have such features for your phone plan) so you can answer and place calls from and to your business partners from one location anywhere you are in the world. Your office/s moves with you especially with your Dual Global Mobile SIM, and this is absolutely possible with the Dual Global Mobile.

Q17. Can I personalized my recorded voice to be used as my voicemail in my Dual Global Mobile SIM?

A17. Absolutely Yes! You can record your own voice message in your Dual Global Mobile SIM for your callers to drop a voicemail if you are not chanced to pick up incoming call or your phone is switched off. This gives your caller confidence that he/she really called your line, heard your voice and dropped a message. And of course, you can easily later retrieve and listen voicemails from your email address registered with your Dual Global Mobile Account free of charge or you can retrieve and listen to your voicemails directly from your Dual Global Mobile SIM at an affordable cost.

Q18. Can I forward my Dual Global Mobile number(s) to ring on my local telephone number from another network and can this feature also available for forwarding my local telephone number/s from another network to ring on my Dual Global Mobile?

A18. Yes! You could easily forward your Dual Global Mobile number(s) to any local telephone number(s) provided by any network. However, you could also forward your local telephone number(s) from your local network provider to Dual Global Mobile SIM. Please, check this feature with your local network provider because it seems some local network providers have the call forwarding feature disabled for their subscribers.

Q19. Does Dual Global Mobile SIM have a data (internet) access?

A19. Yes! The Dual Global Mobile SIM has data (internet) access in most countries where we have coverage. However, data coverage is not available in some countries especially countries with low charges for internet usage. We concentrate on countries with high charges for internet usage to make it cheaper for our customers traveling to those countries to use the internet at affordable rates!

Q20. Do you have separate airtime credit accounts for voice, sms, web and data?

A20. No! We only have one airtime credit account for all platforms. All you have to do is to switch over to data access and once done, switch back to voice platform which comprises voice, sms and web call. Any data access usage, credit will be deducted from your main account just as credit is deducted from your main account when you place a call, send a sms or initiate a web call.

Q21. How do I access my Dual Global Mobile account? Do I have to contact or call Dual Global Mobile for any call history (both outgoing and incoming calls history) and other details?

A21. Not necessary! You would be provided with a username and a password to have full access to your Dual Global Mobile account online on 24/7 basis to check and see calls (outgoing & incoming) history, airtime purchase history, missed calls, sms history and other features. You can fully and conveniently manage your account online.

Q22. How do I order the Dual Global Mobile SIM?

A22. You can order the Dual Global Mobile SIM online at You can also see more features and details about the SIM. 

Q23. Do you require my ID for ordering the SIM?

A23. Normally, there is an online form you would complete and this form contains most of the information we require in order to ship the SIM to you. However, if you are ordering the SIM through one of our subsidiary or affiliate firms outside the USA, you may be required to submit a valid photo ID copy when ordering the SIM because of government regulations and for the local DID Telephone numbers for some countries, you may also be required to submit/upload online a valid photo ID.

Q24. How much does the SIM cost and how do you ship the SIM and what is the cost for airtime for the SIM?

A24. The Dual Global Mobile SIM is FREE of charge! However, you may need to order the Free SIM with an initial airtime of $50 not including applicable taxes, shipping and handling fees. We ship through USPS (United States Postal Services) & FedEx. The shipping and handling fees may be different when ordering through one of our subsidiary/representative firms. Also, some of our subsidiary/representative firms may have free shipping of the SIM to their customers within their country. Check our website for the order package applicable to your country/region. Airtime amounts are $5, $10, $20, $30, $50, $80, $100, $150, & $200.

Q25. Why should I subscribe, order and use the Dual Global Mobile SIM whereas I can subscribe, order and use a SIM provided by my local network in my country?

A25. Good question! The Dual Global Mobile Roaming SIM is not a local SIM provided by a local network. The Dual Global Mobile Roaming SIM is a Global Free Roaming SIM for global use when you travel abroad from one country to another or to multiple countries for business, conferences, vacations or pleasures. The issue here is beyond just having a SIM to travel abroad but the cost in roaming, cost in calling, cost in receiving calls, voice clarity, easy access to manage SIM account, call forwarding, reading of voicemails, etc. If you are a traveler whether frequent periodic or occasional, you would know the importance of a personal mobile phone when you arrive at the airport to call someone to pick you at the airport, to place a call to your intended host, to place a call to your loved ones and family members, friends and business associates all at affordable outgoing calls, free incoming calls so you do not need to sms the person that you would call back due to high cost of receiving calls on your local network phone abroad, voice clarity and very wide coverage and without high phone bills; by all standards the Dual Global Mobile SIM is all what you need! You will be in constant touch with your loved ones, friends and business associates anywhere you are in the world with the Dual Global Mobile SIM.

When discussing low cost of use and worldwide coverage with the use of Dual Global Mobile SIM; let’s assume you have your Dual Global Mobile SIM and your friend has a local network phone and both of you are traveling to the United Kingdom and to the United States and to Canada and to Australia and to Hong Kong and back to your country for a period of just 30 days, you will be surprised that your friend with the local network would be billed sometimes high charges for receiving calls when both of you arrive in the UK while with the Dual Global Mobile, you will receive free incoming calls; and then to the United States, you will still be receiving free incoming calls while your friend would not, he/she would be billed by his local network provider for receiving calls; and then to Canada, the story continues from Canada to Australia to Hong Kong and back to your country of origin. You will enjoy free incoming calls with the Dual Global Mobile SIM while your friend will not! 

This has not even considered the cost of outgoing calls both of you will place with the different networks. You will have low outgoing calls than that of your friend with the local network. Assuming if when you get to Hong Kong and you decided to visit more one or two countries, you will be surprised that your friend may not be able to receive and/or place calls in those additional one or two countries because his local network providers does not have coverage in those countries but with the Dual Global Mobile, you can be assured of receiving calls and placing calls because the Dual Global Mobile coverage is virtually worldwide. In terms of savings in dollars, you will save up to $1500 with the Dual Global Mobile SIM while your friend may accumulate a telephone bill more than $2500 when both of your return to your country back from your overseas trip. Now, just in 30 days globe-trotting, see the cost savings and cost accumulation; consider a 180 days globe-trotting? Every person no matter his or her financial situation, wealthy, rich, average, poor would want to save the next one (1) dollar instead of just wasting it. And we are sure you would like to do the same!

Q26. What happens if I misplace or lost my Dual Global Mobile SIM? Can I re-order for a replacement SIM with the exact UK number for the previous SIM to be integrated with the new SIM?

A26. Yes! If you lost or misplace your SIM, you can order for a replacement SIM (free of charge) but shipping and handling cost would be paid by you. And we could port your old Dual Global Mobile SIM UK number to your new SIM as well as your airtime credit balance, call transactions of your old SIM into your new SIM account. However, please note that the process of porting your old number to the new SIM may take a little time as we have to put a formal request and wait for approval, etc. and then begin the porting and integration process. The other option if you do not have the patience is to order a new SIM with a new UK number instead of the old. This does not take time apart from the time in waiting for the shipment containing the SIM to arrive at your destination. The activation process takes 3-5 minutes for your SIM to be up and running.

Q27. How long does my purchased and unused airtime credit expires?

A27. Generally speaking your airtime credit purchased and loaded does not expire as long as your SIM is valid.

Q28. Does Dual Global Mobile SIM incorporates SMS and MMS features and do such work well?

A28. Presently, the Dual Global Mobile SIM has an SMS feature where you can send and receive an SMS anywhere you are in the world. However, note that SMS transmission between a GSM network and a CDMA network may sometimes become unsuccessful. This is not a Dual Global Mobile problem but a general GSM and CDMA networks’ problems. But for SMS between any or multiple GSM networks goes well. For the MMS feature, we are looking at incorporating this feature into the SIM soon and once incorporated, this feature will automatically be integrated and popped up in your Dual Global Mobile SIM.

Q29. Can I use the Dual Global Mobile SIM in my iPad, iPhone and other tablets?

A29. Absolutely Yes! As long as the device has a SIM compartment whether for a standard (mini), micro or nano GSM SIM. The Dual Global Mobile SIM Card is a TriplePunch SIM Card, meaning the SIM can automatically fit into a mini, micro or nano SIM compartment of a phone or tablet. There is a clear but faint line marked to differentiate a nano SIM size from the micro SIM size and from the micro SIM size from the mini (regular) SIM size in the SIM Card. You can see these lines clearly when you look at it from the back of the SIM, though you can see it as well at the front of the SIM. Depending on your phone or tablet SIM compartment type, carefully punch out the SIM from the faint line surrounding the golden chip area on the card to get the nano SIM size to be inserted into a nano SIM phone or tablet or carefully punch out the line sounding the micro SIM to produce the micro SIM and insert into your phone or tablet. 

Q30. What about those of us who are seamen, sailors, yachtsmen and women and offshore platform workers, can we use the Dual Global Mobile SIM to receive and place calls to our loved ones, business associates and friends from our base or from the sea?

A30. Yes! The Dual Global Mobile SIM is a Mobile Seal SIM (Sea, Air and Land) Mobility SIM, which means it works when on the sea, in the air and on land and it works in those offshore platforms and regions according to the country/region it is situated. You will also receive free incoming calls when in any of those offshore platforms as long as the country/region has free incoming calls. This is also applicable to our low outgoing call rates when in those offshore platforms in accordance with the country/region. 

Q31 & Q32. What are the methods of payment for the initial DGM Smart SIM Order & Airtime /Credit, continuous or periodic airtime purchase or top up for the SIM, Global WiFi Subscriptions, Phone Systems Global, Toll Free Numbers and Local Telephone Numbers?

A31 & A32. By any of the following methods:

* Digital Currencies (Crypto Currencies)

You can use Bitcoin eWallet or other Crypto-curreny eWallets such as Litecoin or Ether by sending the amount in bitcoin, litecoin or ether value to order for a new DGM Smart SIM, purchase Airtime or Credit for the Smart SIM (and also continuous airtime purchase for the SIM) and other for all other DGM products and services at our Online Store.

* Credit Card

You can use your Credit Card value to order for a new DGM Smart SIM, purchase Airtime or Credit for the Smart SIM (and also continuous airtime purchase for the SIM) and other for all other DGM products and services at our Online Store.

* Redeeming a Coupon Code

You can also use a (promotional) Coupon Code to value to order for a new DGM Smart SIM, purchase Airtime or Credit for the Smart SIM (and also continuous airtime purchase for the SIM) and other for all other DGM products and services at our Online Store.

* Redeeming your Reward Points

You can also use your Reward Points accrued to value to order for a new DGM Smart SIM, purchase Airtime or Credit for the Smart SIM (and also continuous airtime purchase for the SIM) and other for all other DGM products and services at our Online Store.

* Social Media Referral Points

It may be possible your referrals made through social media could be converted to points and then to money accrued to you which you could use to value to order for a new DGM Smart SIM, purchase Airtime or Credit for the Smart SIM (and also continuous airtime purchase for the SIM) and other for all other DGM products and services at our Online Store.

Q33. I do business international and have business partners, customers and contacts in various continents worldwide such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, China, India, South Africa, Taiwan, etc., what use and advantage would the Dual Global Mobile be over my local mobile network provided by my local telecom company?

A33. If you have or do business across the globe, then the Dual Global Mobile and its DualDID (Local Telephone Numbers) & Dual800 (Toll Free Numbers) would be best for your businesses. Let’s say you have a business presence directly or indirectly in the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, China, you can provide your Dual Global Mobile USA or UK number and/or DualDID local Telephone numbers for each country to your business partners depending on the country to call you. They calling you on the provided local number you subscribed for their city/state/region in their country, they may not be charged if they have an unlimited monthly plan with their local network provider or even though they may be charged for calling your SIM or DID number, it will be local rates. And if you are unable to answer the calls, they could drop a voice mails for you to retrieve and listen and then call them later. They are not calling long distance calls when calling you and if they are charged by their local network provider without a plan, it is a local call rate and of course this gives them more confident and trust to do business with you. Telecommunications is so vital in any distance or even close business contacts or business relationships that without it [that is, absence of you communicating with your business partners and they communicating with you via the phone] there may exit a tense form of distrust or lack of confidence in doing business with the other.

Q34. That reminds me! Can I port my local mobile telephone number to the Dual Global Mobile network or port my Dual Global Mobile number to my local mobile telephone network in my country?

A34. You may be able to port other UK Telephone Numbers to Dual Global Mobile platform. If this happens, please note that we may not be able to offer you Free Incoming Call for that UK Telephone Number. We could only offer Free Incoming Call to our own Dual Global Mobile allocated UK Telephone Numbers. However, you may not be able to port your Dual Global Mobile UK Telephone Number to other UK Telecoms Network providers. 

Q35. Last question; any legal implication for buying the SIM and using in my country?

A35. No! There are no legal implications for buying and using the Dual Global Mobile SIM in your country. It is just as buying a cell or mobile phone handset and/or its accessories in any country you travel to as long as the handset is suitable for your use and you could use the handset in any country you travel abroad to! The answers provided for question #33 above could also clarify question #35. In further clarifications, the Dual Global Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Mobile Network Operator (MVNO) with its regulatory rules somehow different from that of MNOs. Most of your popular local GSM networks in your country are Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with regulations by their various Telecoms Regulatory Agencies.

2. Call Features

Q1. Placing or Receiving a Call using the Dual Global Mobile SIM

A1. Please click to download the User Guide and Operational Manual and go through them as they provide you the formats or processes of successfully placing or receiving a call. The operational manual provides most of the information you need in order to make use of your Dual Global Mobile SIM effectively.

Q2. Configuring your Dual Global Mobile Outgoing Call ID

A2. Please click here to download the manual on how to configure your Dual Global Mobile Outgoing Call ID. This manual provides you with the information on how to set your Outgoing Caller ID to show your Dual Global Mobile UK or US number no matter the country you located with the SIM and no matter your SIM Profile. So, you decide whether you want your US number to show on all your outgoing calls or whether you want your UK number to show on all your outgoing calls. 

Q3. Configuring and personalizing your Dual Global Mobile Voice Mail.

A3. Please, click here to download the manual and go through it as it provides information on how to configure and personalized your Dual Global Mobile Voice Mail.

Q4. Web Initiated Call

A4. The web initiated call is equivalent to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It is making a call between any two (or additional) phones by initiating a call from your computer (desktop or mobile). To place a web call: – Log in to your SIM Control Panel

Click on the “Web Call” button and follow the instructions to place a web call. After you press the dial button, the phone number that you entered as “From” number will ring. Answer the call and you will be connected to the number you are calling.

Q5. Conference Call & Call Recording

A5. You can also make a conference call using the web call which also allows conference call and call recording. You can see the web call rates using the “RATES CALCULATOR” by checking or selecting the “Web Call” circle and then calculate the web call rates for the various countries.

Q6. Call Forwarding

A6. Dual Global Mobile SIM allows Call Forwarding. You can forward calls to your Dual Global Mobile SIM onward to any number worldwide. 

Q7. Voice, SMS, Web Call & Data Rates

A7. Click on the “Rates Calculator” link on our home page and then follow the instructions on how to use the “RATES CALCULATOR” to see the Rates!

3. SIM Features

Q1. How Do I Activate and Receive My Global Mobile US Number? 

A1. If you wish to have a US number, please, follow the steps below to activate and receive your Dual Global Mobile US number: Dial *160# using your unlocked GSM phone with the Dual Global Mobile SIM inserted on it. You will receive a sms within a short moment with your US number. If after a while you do not receive it, then dial 160 and wait for a moment for your US number to be sent to your phone through sms.

Q2. What are the various Short Codes to dial from your Phone with the Dual Global Mobile SIM inserted?

A2. There are various shortcodes that allow you to see how your Dual Global Mobile SIM works, how to configure call forwarding, call divert, voicemail, etc. and also for other functions such as balance check, retrieving your UK and/or US number, etc. You can get a list of these shortcodes by dialing *171# and you will receive an sms shortly displaying the various short codes. Remember that all of the short codes require you to dial the star symbol [*] in front of the shortcode and a [#] symbol after it. For your convenience, see the short codes below:

*102# – Divert on                         

*103# – Divert off                         

*121# – Voicemail                        

*122# – Voicemail on                   

*123# – Voicemail off                                   

*125# – Voicemail state                               

*133# – My number [UK and US number]    

*154# – Support     

*187# – Balance check

*160# – USA on [US number]

If you set your SIM Operator Network selection to be “Manual” which may roams only on a particular network, incoming and outgoing SMS including sms for retrieving short codes, call duration, amount spent and balance credit for each call made and sms sent may sometimes delay. In situations as such, you may need to change your Operator Network Selection back to “Automatic”, which would have your SIM eventually receives all pending sms within the last 12-24 hours or so. For help, send us an email:

PLEASE NOTE: If you dial any of the short codes above and it does not provide you with result on your phone after a while, just dial the short code for the purpose you want without including any of the signs before (that is, the star key) and the sign after (that is, the pound/Hash key).

Q3. Dual Global Mobile US Number is a Real IMSI and not just a DID Number?

A3. The Dual Global Mobile US Number is a real International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and not just a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Number. A DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Local Telephone Number is not an IMSI number. 

We have configured our system where you can decide on the outgoing ID (UK number or US number) when placing a call with your Dual Global Mobile SIM in any country. It does not matter whether you are in the US, UK, Germany or any other country, you decide on the outgoing ID when using your Dual Global Mobile SIM. To set your outgoing ID, kindly log onto your Dual Global Mobile SIM Control Panel and select the Outgoing Caller ID and then click the “Save Settings” button.

Q4.Expiration of Unused Call Credit in your SIM

A4. Your call credit does not expires as long as your Dual Global Mobile SIM is valid. Your Dual Global Mobile SIM becomes invalid if: You did not place or receive a call even for one second or send or receive a sms within a 12 calendar months. The SIM invalidity issue due to the above functions are applicable to most GSM networks worldwide, not just the Dual Global Mobile SIM.

Q5. Current Phone number Portability

A5. Yes, you can port your current UK Telephone number to the Dual Global Mobile platform; however, we cannot guarantee that your incoming UK number from another UK network would be receiving free incoming call in most of the countries we have free incoming call. At present, we do not have the facility of importing a US number from another US network into the Dual Global Mobile platform. 

Q6. Preference on US number for a particular US State or City number.

A6. At present, our system does not have any preference for a particular US State or City area code. Our system generates and sends the customer a US number randomly once activated. However, if you want a particular phone number from a particular USA State/City/Area or from other Countries, you may need to subscribe for a Local Telephone Number or DualDID. Visit our website: and click on “Products’ then navigate to click on the various products to learn more about DualDID and how to order for a DualDID Local Telephone Number.

Q7. Compare Cost – Dual Global Mobile – The Preferred SIM for international travels.

A7. By all standards, the Dual Global Mobile SIM is preferred to using traditional or local SIMs when traveling abroad. If you would take your time to go through the websites for local telephone network providers in your country and check their call rates (outgoing and incoming) when traveling overseas and compare with the Dual Global Mobile call rates, you will see that the Dual Global Mobile call rates are cheaper than all or most of them. The Dual Global Mobile does not have any roaming charges, no monthly fee, no contract, no before travel obligations, no deposit required, no credit check and many other features that you will prefer having the Dual Global Mobile SIM when traveling abroad and you would like recommend it to your family members, business associates and friends.

Q8. Data (Internet Access)

Q8. The Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM is of two types: One has VOICE, SMS AND DATA (INTERNET), which means with the SIM inserted in an unlocked GSM Phone; you can place and receive a call, send and receive SMS and also use it for accessing the internet if your phone supports browsing or having browsing features. The Dual Global Mobile has data service in more than 150+ countries worldwide. To see the data rates click on “Coverage” in the upper menu bar and then navigate to click on “Global Rates Calculator” on our home page and follow the instructions. The other date SIM is the DGM Data only Smart SIM, which is specifically, enabled only for DATA access in 254+ countries on 850+ global network partners. Its data rates are cheaper than that of the VOICE, SMS & DATA Smart SIM. You can also navigate this coverage and access of the DATA only SIM under “Coverage” on our homepage.

Q9. SIM Replacement

A9. Please click on “GSM Terms of Services & Policies” link for the Dual Global Mobile SIM Replacement issue under item #11: ‘Replacement of Lost or Defective SIM’.

Q10.Returns & Refunds

A10. Please click on “Cancellation, Return & Refund Policy” link or “GSM Terms of Services & Policies” link for the Dual Global Mobile SIM on our website: to see detailed info regarding Returns & Refunds.

Q11. Termination, Suspension of SIM Account & SIM Accounts deemed Inactive.

A11. Please click on “GSM Terms of Services & Policies” link for the Dual Global Mobile SIM Termination, Suspension of SIM & SIM Account deemed Inactive. 

Q12. GSM SMS vs CDMA SMS – Sending and Receiving SMS with the Dual Global Mobile SIM.

A12. Please click on ‘Operational Manuals’ to see more information on sending SMS between GSM and CDMA networks. However, note the following:


Dual Global Mobile SIM functions using the Global System of Mobile Communications (GSM) system – which is adopted by the vast networks operational worldwide. The Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) system is used by some networks in the USA and in some other countries worldwide.  

Sending Short Message Service (SMS) between the GSM and CDMA networks is not always possible, though some networks may be able to translate between the GSM and CDMA. An SMS delivery or receipt between a GSM network and a CDMA handset may not be possible in some networks as a result of two differing systems which is not the fault of Dual Global Mobile SIM. But that of the two differing systems [GSM versus CDMA].

4. Handset & Phone Compatibility and Displays

Q1. What do you mean by Locked and Unlocked GSM Phones/Handsets?

A1. A Locked GSM Handset or Phone is a phone or handset that is locked by a system of coding to a particular network [whether a GSM or CDMA] only to be used by that network. No other network can use that phone or handset as long as it is locked to a particular phone or handset. In order to use a locked phone or handset with other SIM or network, you would need to unlock it by decoding the system. An Unlocked GSM Handset or Phone is a handset or phone that can be used with any SIM or could be configured with any network without any need of decoding the locked system of the phone.

Q2. How do I know that my handset or phone is locked if I tried to use it with the Dual Global Mobile SIM?

 A2. When you insert the Dual Global Mobile SIM into the handset or phone, it may register or pick up a network and may even show you the SIM Profiles: Automatic, USA, Prime & Global, it will not allow you to place or receive a call. It will indicate on your screen terms as such: ‘Barred”, “Not Allowed”, “SOS” Message, “Invalid SIM”, “Emergency Calls Only”, etc. If you notice such and having difficulty to place or receive call, then it might be your phone or handset is locked. If you experience such, please contact our support team at: with the handset or phone information.

Q3. Unlocked GSM handsets & Phones

A3. The Dual Global Mobile SIM in order to work well, you must insert it into an unlocked GSM phone in order for the phone to work. If your phone is locked, it may not work with the Dual Global Mobile SIM. To use the SIM properly, you will have to purchase an unlocked GSM phone or have your handset unlocked. 

We have recommended some unlocked GSM Phones on our website; please click on “Coverage” link on our website: and navigate to Handset or Phone Compatibility’ link on the home page on our website for more info.

Unlocking your GSM Handset or Phone

To unlock your GSM handset or phone and use with the Dual Global Mobile SIM or any other network SIM as well, you would need to call your phone network provider to provide you with a code to unlock your phone you bought from them as a bundle.

If this might be a problem especially if you are no more using their network and you wish to use the locked GSM Phone you purchased from them with another SIM, click on any of the links of “GSM Phones Unlocking firms below and follow instructions provided by them unlock your GSM handset. You may be charge a little fee by them. Please, note that Dual Global Mobile, its employees, agents, representatives or subsidiary firms would not be held responsible for any mistake or incomplete action or unsuccessful result as a process of subscribing for the services of such third party agents or firms. You agreed to do this at your own decision as we are not to be held liable for any inaction or poor performances of the services of any third party agents or firms.

5. TriplePunch SIMs for Unlocked GSM iPhones, iPads, other Smartphones and Tablets

The Dual Global Mobile TriplePunch SIM Card is now available which will work for both iPhones & iPads and as well as every other standard GSM phones. 

6. Global WiFi Subscriptions

The Global Unlimited WiFi Access is an unlimited Global WiFi [internet] access provided by Global WiFi Network providers in partnership with Dual Global Mobile. It has coverage in 100+ countries and have more than 50+ million hotspots locations worldwide across various platforms – Airlines, Airports, Cruise lines, Seaports, Trains, Hotels and Convention Centers, Office complex and residential buildings, stadiums and cities. The DGM Global Unlimited WiFi access is available on monthly (30-day pass), quarterly (90-day pass), bi-annually (180-day pass) and annual passes (365-day pass). The DGM Global WiFi is accessible via Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices. We are working on providing such access via laptops and other devices. Click here to see more on the DGM Global WiFi access.

7. Phone Systems Global

DGM Phone Systems Global is a virtual global roaming telephony products and services with the following products: Smartphone System Global Roaming, Officephone System Global Roaming, Toll Free Numbers and Local Telephone Numbers. To learn more about these products, click here

8a.Q1. Where are your office(s) located?

8a.A1. Our office is based out of Washington, DC- USA and subsidiary/independent representatives’ offices in Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Africa & Middle East with each office handling various and specific needs of our customers/members worldwide.



8b.Q2. How can I reach your Customer Service Telephone lines?

8b.Q2. While we do in the past have dedicated live telephone lines on 24/7 basis for our global customers – from all parts of the world that do call for sales and technical questions and we pay sums of money to these outsourced Live Telephone Answering Global Services ; this drained a huge sum of our gross profits. After some years of offering such services, we decided to stop it and started attending to all our new and current customers globally in providing 24/7 Online Support for both Sales and Technical Questions and Queries and thus eliminated whatever temptation of passing the cost of such live telephone answering services to be borne by our customers and still maintain the affordability and competition of all our telecoms global free roaming products and services in the market place. 

For Sales inquiries, you can send us an email to:

For Support questions, send us an email to:

 However, our Customer Representatives sometimes do place calls to a customer anywhere in the world if the need be for some [Know Your Customer] KYC requirements and at most cases, if a technical issue is to be attended upon provided the customer is not in a position to check emails or having difficulties in accessing the internet at the moment. This is an emergency case, calls are been placed, but for other cases, to call a customer to resolve sales or technical support questions, a call schedule has to be made in advance by our Customer Support Team.

9. Others - Retail Shop

Explained Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (EAs-FAQs) 

Frequently asked questions

Our offices in the US is not a walk-in office neither do we have a retail shop in the US where you could walk in and purchase the SIM. However, we would soon be partnering with a nationwide Brand Telecoms and Technologies Retail Stores where one can walk-in and purchase the Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM or any of its products. But for the present, our business is an online business and all orders are done over the internet on our website and we ship the SIM physically from our USA and International Shipment Centers for all US and International Orders. However, some of our subsidiary companies outside the USA may have walk-in retail shops in addition to online website order. Please, contact us at: if you have any further questions regarding walk-in retail shops.

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