Handset & Phone Compatibility

Handset & Phone Compatibility – Phone Specifications for the DGM Travel Smart SIM

Handset & Phone Compatibility – Unlocked GSM Handsets or Phones

The Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM works well with 99% most unlocked GSM Phones. However, for those who would want to use their SIM to access the internet (Data), it is advisable to buy a phone that has good web browser capabilities and features.

Customers using the Blackberry phones, should note that there may be some conflict with the software issue of blackberry when the customer want to access the internet using the Dual Global Mobile SIM as blackberry phones always have software issues that is entirely the preference of blackberry OEM. It can also work well with the iPhone as long as the iPhone is an unlocked GSM phone with SIM compartment whether for a Minim Micro or Nano. However, note that recent iPhones or iPads may only accept Micro or Nano SIM instead of the Standard GSM SIM. In this scenario, get the DualSIM Adapter.

The DualSIM Adapter makes it easier for you to use any SIM size: mini, micro or nano with no need of cutting your SIM. With the DualSIM Adapter, you can use it to adapt any SIM size with any unlocked GSM phone. Contact Us for more info.

You can also order for a DualSmart [Dual Smart Unlocked GSM Phone or Tablet] to use with your Dual Global Mobile SIM or with any SIM provided by other networks. Contact Us for more info.

Unlocking your GSM Handset or Phone

To unlock your GSM handset or phone and use with the Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM or any other network SIM as well, you would need to call your phone network provider to provide you with a code to unlock your phone you bought from them as a bundle.

If this might be a problem especially if you are no more using their network and you wish to use the locked GSM Phone you purchased from them with another SIM, click on any of the links of “GSM Phones Unlocking firms below and follow instructions provided by them unlock your GSM handset. You may be charge a little fee by them. Please, note that Dual Global Mobile, its employees, agents, representatives or subsidiary firms would not be held responsible for any mistake or incomplete action or unsuccessful result as a process of subscribing for the services of such third party agents or firms. You agreed to do this at your own decision as we are not to be held liable for any inaction or poor performances of the services of any third party agents or firms.

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