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DGM Travel Smart DATA SIM –  – Global Unlimited DATA Roaming

Browse, Download & Stream
Coverage in 254+ Countries on 850+ Network Partners Globally
Browse at 1 cent/minute; MB & GB Bundles Available
Unlimited Daily, Weekly and Monthly Internet DATA Pass Globally
2G, 3G & 4G DATA access Globally & Internet of Things (IoT) Smart SIM

DGM Travel Smart SIM – DATA enabled SIM

The Dual Global Mobile DATA Roaming Smart SIM has three (3) types of access: One is Pay As You Browse model. The second is Unlimited DATA model for a day pass, a week pass and a 30-pass available in several countries globally while the third is periodic Unlimited DATA Bundle for 3 months or 6 months with  VOICE and SMS specific airtime credit covering up to 120 countries. You could request for either or both types of access enabled in your SIM. See details below:

Global Roaming Data Smart SIM – Smart Data® Roaming SIM

Smart Data SIM Features – General 

* Browse, Download & Stream 

* World Cheap Smart Data Internet Roaming SIM

* Coverage in 245+ Countries on 850+ global partner networks

* Browse from 1 cents/MB; MB & GB bundles available. 

* 2G, 3G, 3.5G & 4G access

* Global GPS Vehicle Tracker SIM & Internet of Things (IoT) DATA SIM

* Real Time Billing

* Monthly fee of $2 once your Smart DATA SIM is activated.

* You can use any unlocked Dongle or Modem with the Dual Global Mobile Smart DATA SIM connected to your laptop, desktop, tablet and other electronic devices.

* You can use the Smart DATA SIM directly in your Mobile or Smartphone and tablet.

* Smart DATA SIM is Triple-Punch SIM Card, which means it could fit your mini (standard), micro or nano SIM phone or device.

How the Global Roaming Smart DATA SIM works

*Once you have the Smart DATA SIM Card, depending on your Phone/Tablet/Electronic SIM Compartment type – Mini, Micro or Nano, carefully detach the SIM type attached to the SIM Card, insert into your phone or tablet and follow the instructions to activate the Smart DATA SIM and you are done, ready browse, download and stream!

In any of the coverage countries you are located with the Smart DATA SIM, the DATA SIM will pick up a roaming partner network and then you are ready to click and browse at the local affordable rate in that country.

[1] Smart Data SIM – Pay As You Browse

The Dual Global Mobile DATA only Smart SIM “Pay As You Browse” model is billed per megabyte.

Coverage Countries, Networks and Rates

Please, CLICK HERE to download and preview the Pay As You Browse Model current coverage, networks and rates.

[2] Smart Data SIM Features – Unlimited DATA access for a day, 7-day and 30-day pass

The Dual Global Mobile DATA only Smart SIM “Unlimited DATA access for a day, 7-day and 30-day Pay” model is billed for a particular fee for an unlimited data access for that day, the week or for the month. Please, note that the DATA whether for a day, 7-day or 40-day is valid for all the countries listed in the plan. Which means that you can subscribe for any of the plan and depending on the validity period roam and use in any or all of the countries listed in the plan?

For instance, you subscribe for an unlimited DATA plan for a 7-day pass; you can have an unlimited DATA access if you would be traveling to Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland for a week. This means in all those countries you would be visiting, your unlimited 7-day DATA plan is valid for those countries and even if your travel plans include one or two of the middle east countries, as long as it is within the 7 days validity of the data plan you subscribed for, you can still have the unlimited data access in the middle east country.

 Coverage Countries, Networks and Rates

Please, CLICK HERE to download and preview the Unlimited DATA access for a day, 7-day and 30-day pass Model current coverage, networks and rates.

 [3] Periodic Unlimited DATA bundle with VOICE & SMS specific airtime credit for 3 or 6 months covering up to 120+ countries.

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Smart DATA SIM Credit Duration – General

Credit in your Smart DATA SIM does not expire once your account is activated. However, we expect that you would use your Smart DATA SIM at least once within each year if you are not that heavy user. You can buy airtime top up for your Smart DATA SIM anytime online in amount value of $5, $10, $15, $20, $30, $50, etc. To buy Credit (Airtime Credit) for you Smart DATA SIM, CLICK HERE