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Dual Global Mobile® [DGM] is a Global Mobile Wireless Network Operator [GMWNO] providing a complete Global Mobile Telecommunications (GSM) & Phone System Global Solutions, Services and Products such as:

– USA & Global Roaming  Smart VOICE, SMS & DATA SIM Cards

– Global Smart DATA SIM Cards

– Global Unlimited WiFi Roaming Subscriptions

– Smartphone Systems Global Roaming

– Officephone Systems Global Roaming

– Toll Free Telephone Numbers

– Local Telephone Numbers

– Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Global Virtual Mobile System

– Preserva phone product (Cell Phone Accessories)

– Dual Multipurpose® SIM Adapter (Cell Phone Accessories)

– Dual Multipurpose® SIM Card Holder (Cell Phone Accessories)

– DualSmart® Phones (Mobile Phones)


– We provide Global Mobile Free Roaming Telephony Products and Services at an affordable and cheap price thereby cutting down 90% of the typical roaming charges your local network will charge you.

Dual Global Mobile® is part of ET&T® Global Group with offices based out of Washington-DC, USA and partner/representative firms in the Republic of Ireland & United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong Middle East & Africa.


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