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* Features & Benefits of the SIM

* Global Mobile Telecommunications Roaming Cost Comparison of the SIM

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Features & Benefits of the SIM


The Dual Global Mobile SIM is a World Free Roaming Travel Smart SIM with a UK (+44) and a US (+1) Telephone Numbers in ONE SIM. It is specifically designed for those who travel frequently, regularly or occasional. One can use the SIM in 220+ countries to place and receive calls. With the SIM, one can receive FREE incoming calls in 120+ countries worldwide.

Features of the Dual Global Mobile SIM


* Two Global Telephone Numbers (UK & USA) in One SIM

* Permanent UK & Permanent US Telephone Numbers – No Monthly neither Yearly Fees for such Tel numbers!

* No Credit Check, No Monthly Fee, No Yearly Fee, No Connection Fee

* Coverage in 220+ Countries (Call & Receive) on 550+ Networks worldwide!

* NetworkPlus [+] feature: Roams on and utilizes existing GSM networks in each country you travel to.

* No Contract or Pre-Travel Obligations.

* Unlimited Yearly Free ($0) Incoming Calls in 120+ countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, US Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, St. Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Niger, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, Cyprus, Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and many more. Click here to see full list of Free Incoming Call countries.

* GPRS Data for internet browsing

* Affordable Outgoing Calls (rate from 3 cents per minute using the Web Initiated call platform or from 6 cents per minute using the SIM Initiated call) globally than most roaming SIMs – 90% cost saving on international mobile telecommunications roaming than most local or international SIMs!

* Stay in touch with loved ones, friends and business associates wherever you are in the world! One SIM for the World!!

* US number can be called even if SIM is outside of USA.

* No internet connection needed to use the SIM when calling and receiving call or when roaming! You are always on the Go! In the Hotel Room!! At the Airport!!! At Business Meetings!!!! At the Office!!!!! At Home!!!!!! In the Deep Sea!!!!!!! In International Airspace!!!!!!!! Virtually anywhere you are in the world!!!!!!!!!

* Manage your SIM account online 24/7 throughout the year, Call Conferencing, Call Waiting, Caller ID Feature, Call Forwarding & Voicemail Features, etc.

* Crystal Call Quality – Grade A1 Quality!

* SIM can fit into most unlocked GSM Phones

* Unlimited Yearly Free ($0) incoming SMS worldwide!!

* Receive SMS free on your Dual Global Mobile US number wherever you are in the world for free. Also free to receive on the Dual Global Mobile UK number.

* Have your family members, friends and business associates resident in the USA send you SMS free at their end [if they are having a monthly unlimited voice and sms package with their network providers] while you receive it free on your Dual Global Mobile US number directly in the SIM [not online] at your end as well anywhere you are in the world!

* Have your family members, friends and business associates resident in the UK send you SMS free at their end [if they are having a monthly unlimited voice and sms package with their network providers] to your Dual Global Mobile UK number directly in the SIM [not online] while you receive it free at your end as well anywhere you are in the world!

* Send SMS free from the Dual Global Mobile “Send Free SMS” portal online to any of your family members, friends and business associates Dual Global Mobile SIM Telephone Numbers wherever you are in the world and they receive the SMS free as well.

* Recharge airtime securely using credit/debit cards or recharge voucher online 24/7 or Top-Up Credit using your phone. Top-up airtime credit using local payments may be available in some countries worldwide. Airtime amounts are $5, $10, $20, $30, $50, $80, $100, $200 & above if you want.

* No Roaming Charges.

* Real Time Billing.

* No Minimum Usage Requirements.

* Call forwarding to your existing network provider number or any other mobile or landline number in the world.

* Real time call records and your Dual Global Mobile SIM account easily managed by you.

* Downloadable itemized calls log

* Web Call (Web Initiated call) feature for cutting down outgoing call rates in some countries.

* Customer Support Services available


The Dual Global Mobile SIM has more advantages and it is cost saving than using most traditional or local SIMs to travel abroad which would cost you much and traveling with a local SIM abroad could cost you between $1.50 and $5.50 per minute to place a call and between $0.80 and $2.50 per minute to receive a call. Lots of local SIMs do not have Free Incoming Call when you are roaming with those SIMs overseas. The Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM is the ideal for you if you are a frequent, regular or occasional overseas traveler and do make and receive phone calls.

Even compared to other similar international roaming SIMs including those ones that are either an Iceland or Estonia telephone number SIM with limited free incoming call countries, the Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM is preferable than most if not all of them in terms of robust cost savings with typical no roaming charges, low outgoing calls, free incoming calls and wide coverage across continents. The Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM also has Data or Business Profile that enables you to browse the internet, send and receive email using your phone if your phone model supports internet browsing.

The Dual Global Mobile SIM also has call forwarding feature, which you could enable in your SIM Control panel to even receive calls on another phone or SIM provided by your local network when your Dual Global Mobile UK or US number is called.

With the Dual Global Mobile SIM you are saving real cost as you spend little as low as 3 cents per minute to place a call if using the Web Initiated call or as low as 6 cents per minute to place a call if using the SIM Initiated call.

* While the Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM competes at the Global Mobile Telecommunications Roaming Front; it however, competes also at the Local Mobile Telecommunications Roaming Front with your local Network or SIM provider in terms of calling rates when calling some countries abroad from your country. You will be surprise that to call some countries overseas using the Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM is even cheaper than using your local Network or SIM provider to call such countries. It is also cheaper using the Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM to call some countries overseas than with most VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones.

* The Dual Global Mobile is your last bus stop in search for lowest outgoing call rates, multiple free incoming call countries and customer satisfaction in global mobile telecommunications solutions and products.

.Global Mobile Telecommunications Roaming Cost Comparison of the SIM

The DGM Smart SIM low call rates are one of the cheapest in the Global Mobile Telecommunications Roaming market of the Telecommunications Industry. ‘We do not mix words’ with such statement. You can do the rates comparison yourself on real time basis.

As the MVNO industry is expanding with more and more players entering the market and old ones expanding their local and global reach, there would be intense competition among the players globally and the two areas of concern would be rates war and customer satisfaction of the roaming services provided by the competitors.

According to a particular MVNO research report, statistics available shows that:

* 200 Million+ people use roaming services Annually Globally

* 86% growth in Global Roaming expected by 2015

* Roaming “Revenues” to account for 6.3% ($67 billion annually) of all mobile revenue by 2015.

Similarly, an extract of a latest research report “Mobile Roaming Forecast Report: 2014-2019” conducted recently by Ovum – a leading global technology research and advisory firm, reported these findings below:

“The growth in mobile roaming is still impeded by the legacy of “bill shock,” which remains the biggest barrier to roaming usage. In many parts of the world, roaming services are prohibitively expensive, deterring customers from using their mobile phones when they travel abroad. These unreasonably high roaming prices dissuade consumers, who then seek roaming alternatives, such as local SIM cards or low-cost Wi-Fi when they travel abroad. The roaming substitutes are a loss of opportunity for operators since they lower the propensity of customers to use mobile roaming services.

Regulators in Europe and some other regions have been proactive enough to address end-user concerns about roaming prices and to make roaming more affordable for consumers. However, the majority of operators have been wary of roaming regulations as that impacts their roaming margins. Regulation is rather “positive” for the industry as it will encourage the take-up of roaming services, in the end expanding the addressable market for operators. This may justify operators’ investments in new roaming services, and in a way expands the overall roaming revenue opportunity for operators.

* Global roaming traffic will increase through end-2019 – Global mobile roaming traffic will continue to increase across service segments – voice is set to grow at a CAGR of 7%, SMS to grow at a CAGR of 4%, and data at a whopping 25% over 2014–19. The increasing penetration of smartphones and media devices has boosted the growth of mobile data over the past several years, cannibalizing voice and SMS. Mobile data will be central to the future of roaming, and is expected to drive the growth of roaming revenues.

* Global roaming revenues will grow at a 6% CAGR; roaming voice revenue growth to stagnate while roaming SMS to start contracting – Global revenues from mobile roaming are set to grow at a CAGR of 6% and reach US$88bn by 2019. Mobile data will continue to drive the growth of roaming revenues as revenue from voice starts to stagnate. In terms of the regional split of revenues, Europe continues to be the largest contributor to global roaming revenues, with much of the revenue growth coming from the European Union. The revenue contribution from Asia is set to increase, particularly from Central & Southern Asia.

* Mobile data will account for more than half of global roaming revenues by 2019 – Ovum forecasts data roaming to generate approximately US$50bn in revenues by 2019, contributing 56% to total roaming revenues, compared to 47% in 2014. Operators around the world are rolling out their LTE networks and finalizing LTE roaming agreements to be able to monetize next-generation data roaming opportunities.

Source for Ovum Report: http://www.ovum.com

For these reasons, more and more players are entering the roaming market as the trend would continue due to additional several reasons such as the cost of using local mobile SIMs and/or networks whilst traveling abroad, continuous pressure from Governments Regulatory Agencies and Consumer groups in the country where local MNOs are based .

The issues of high roaming cost at the global front and on the local front of the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in their country of operations, the cost of high license fees paid to Government agencies, building, expansion and maintenance of infrastructures, staff overhead cost, labor unions work benefits demands and pressures, multiple taxation and other issues, it will be difficult for MNOs to cut down their roaming costs and call rates when roaming abroad by their subscribers and also some local high calling rates when calling within the country or calling overseas from within the country.

What would count would be pricing and very low calling rates or what is called ‘rates war’, customer satisfaction and experience and value added services are what consumers or end-users need to watch or look at. It may be like a movie but this time a mobile movie that if you do not do your homework very well on the rates and benefits, you will fall prey to mere advertisements and would still be paying high rates if you are using those SIMs in roaming when traveling overseas. When a telecoms company indicates $5.50 or its local currency equivalent as the per minute outgoing call rate and between $2.50 and $0.90 as per minute incoming rate on its website when roaming abroad in a particular country, the company is not joking and that is just want the telecoms company wants you to know and is exactly [excluding monthly plan, connecting charge or access fee, if there are] what you would be billed per minute for using its SIM and/or network to roam overseas whether on a prepaid or postpaid plan.

The good news is that you can do your homework and complete it within 30 minutes or less on the calling rates [voice, web, sms, mms and data] of the various global and/or local roaming SIMs and networks you know right where you are if you are having an electronic device with an internet connection. You can also find them on the internet using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

If you know some global roaming SIMs and also want to know the international roaming rates of your local network SIMs, go to each rates calculator or display of roaming rates and see for yourself. These rates are always on the website of each telecoms company worldwide.

You can calculate and see the rates comparison yourself on real time and at any time to know the rates of Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM using our rates calculator and then compare it to other Mobile networks’ outgoing call rates also minding countries that you can receive free incoming calls when roaming overseas.

Do the homework online and see for yourself. Click here to calculate call rates of Dual Global Mobile Smart SIM. For other mobile networks’ Call Rates [place and receive and as well as sms] when roaming overseas, you would have to visit their websites to do the calculation yourself for their updated call rates.

Do not be carried away by the words or slogans – ‘cheap’, ‘affordable roaming rates’, ‘cut down roaming cost by so and so percentage’, ‘roam for free’! These are all marketing strategies as we know it and your research/homework will tell you whether it is cheap or just a marketing slogan or what sort they are!

International travelers cannot be fooled these days with such affordable or cheap marketing slogans whereas such are not really cheap to use those SIMs and/or Networks when traveling overseas; and for these and other reasons, there would definitely be very high competition in terms of pricing and rates and provision of quality service among MVNOs and satisfaction for the customers both for cost savings and effectiveness of the mobile global telecoms services provided.

Good luck in your research!

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