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How the SIM works – What is this SIM & How it works

  1. The Dual Global Mobile SIM is a World Free Roaming Travel Smart SIM.
  2. The SIM uses the Global System of Mobile Communication (GSM) technology.
  3. The SIM is inserted into an unlocked GSM phone. The SIM is compatible to 99% of most unlocked GSM phones in the market including the Apple iPhone and tablets such as iPad, etc.
  4. An unlocked GSM phone has a compartment for a SIM and you insert the SIM into that compartment.
  5. The Dual Global Mobile SIM Card is a Dual Punch SIM Card – which means, depending on the SIM Compartment of your phone whether it is for a Mini or Micro SIM, you can either break off the Mini SIM or Micro SIM for your phone. At the back of the Dual Global Mobile SIM you will see faint lines from where you could punch to break off the Micro SIM from the Mini SIM. If you are using a phone that is for a Nano SIM, you can use the DualSIM Adapter to use with your Dual Global Mobile SIM or any other SIM with any phone whether your phone is specifically designed for a Mini, Micro or Nano SIM. See more for the DualSIM Adapter.
  6. The SIM has two numbers, a +44 UK number (which is the primary number) and a +1 US number which is the secondary number in ONE SIM.
  7. These two numbers can be called and receive calls at any time of the day in whichever country you are in the world. The Dual Global Mobile automatically selects and utilizes the callback and cal through features in each country to cut down calling rates to a minimal for you.
  8. You can program your outgoing call ID of the SIM to be either the UK number or the US number from any country you are in the world. It does not matter the country you are located with the SIM. Instruction on how to program your Outgoing Caller ID is contained in the Operational Manual. Click here to download this manual.
  1. The SIM works in 220+ countries on 550+ networks worldwide to place and receive calls and have free incoming call when the UK number is called in 120+ countries worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, US Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, St. Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Niger, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, Cyprus, Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and many more. Click here to see full list of coverage countries and networks.
  2. The SIM is actually programmed as a Global Roaming SIM with cheap outgoing calls and free incoming calls than most local networks. It is cheaper and better than using a local telephone network in your country to travel abroad and roam with it because those networks are not actually programmed for affordable international telephone calls when roaming abroad. The Dual Global Mobile does provide such cheap calls.
  3. The Dual Global Mobile SIM makes and receives calls with the SIM known as SIM initiated call; makes call through the Web (known as Web initiated call) but actually answers and talk with the phone), that is, the user initiates a call on his/her Dual Global Mobile account online using any device [phone, laptop, computer, iPad, iPhone] that has an internet connection and then pick up the call to talk using a phone, any phone with a network including the Dual Global Mobile SIM. The Dual Global Mobile SIM also sends and receives SMS (Short Message Service) worldwide; the SIM also can be used to access the internet: browse, send and receive email as long as the phone or device the SIM is inserted has web browsing feature/s.
  4. 12. The Dual Global Mobile customer after receiving the SIM Card, breaks it off from the Card that holds the SIM and then insert it into an unlocked GSM phone and then the SIM will pick up a network in the country the SIM is physically located, then within few seconds, the customer will receive a notification via sms of your Dual Global Mobile UK Telephone Number.

Your Dual Global Mobile SIM is enabled on Four (4) Profiles as follows:

  1. i) Automatic Profile – A Default Profile that automatically selects the Profile Location of the SIM. If your SIM is set on Automatic, it means that any country you enter, the Automatic Profile will automatically selects and roams your SIM on the Profile of that Country/Location. If you are, say for instance, you enter the US, your SIM if already on Automatic Profile setting from your previous destination country, will automatically select and set your SIM on the USA Profile. If you travel from the US to Australia, upon landing in Australia and upon switching on your phone right in the aircraft, your SIM will show all four Profiles on the screen of your phone asking you to select your SIM Profile [since your last destination country was on a USA Profile], which you could easily select the Global Profile or set it to be on Automatic Profile which will automatically selects the necessary Profile for that country, in this case – Global Profile for Australia.
  2. ii) Global Profile – SIM Profile to be used when you in any country of the world excepting USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy.

 iii) USA/Canada/Mexico Profile – SIM Profile to be used when you are in USA, Canada or Mexico

  1. iv) Prime Profile – SIM Profile to be used when you are in the United Kingdom or Italy.

A Fifth Profile for Data known as the Business Profile enables you to access the internet: browse, send and receive email and also could check your SIM Control Panel online.

  1. 13. The Dual Global Mobile SIM user can then place [as long as he has credit in his account] and receive Free Incoming calls in that country on the UK number if that country is one of the Free Incoming Call Countries.
  2. The Dual Global Mobile SIM user have full access 24/7 to his/her account online to manage his calls, see call history, reload airtime, set preferences such as voice mail for his/her SIM and see download call logs on real time basis for the SIM.
  3. 15. The Dual Global Mobile SIM since it roams on many networks hardly has a network issue. This is the NetworkPlus [+] feature. For instance, Dual Global Mobile uses the existing GSM networks, such as T-Mobile, Cingular, AT&T, Vodafone, Orange, 02, Digicell, Telefonica, etc., when in a particular country, roams on the existing GSM networks it has partnership with and many other networks around the world. The Dual Global Mobile SIM automatically selects and picks up the strongest GSM network signal in a particular city/region/country where you are roaming in. You can also manually select, save and roam on a particular network in a particular country especially when some networks the SIM roams on are having various rates, so you want to select, save and roam on the cheapest roaming partner network in that country.

Because of this versatility feature – Network Plus [+], as you roam or move around with your Dual Global Mobile SIM lively inserted in a phone, the network which the Dual Global Mobile SIM roams on may change and the SIM automatically selects a stronger network than the previous in that area which means that with the Dual Global Mobile SIM, you will have a better service of the local networks. This is because if one network is not strong in a particular city/region you are in, the SIM will automatically look for and selects another very stronger GSM network than the previous to enable you have a better network for your voice, sms and data services.

  1. 16. The SIM does not have any monthly fee, yearly fee or a plan as it is pay as you go and no roaming charges.
  2. You are to ensure that you use your Dual Global Mobile SIM to place or receive a call even for few seconds or a minute or send or receive an sms at least for once within every 12 calendar months in order to keep your SIM active if you do not intend to be using the SIM frequently or regularly. If your SIM does not do any activity mentioned above for up to 12 calendar months, it is apparently you will lose it or let us know your reason/s that you may not be able to use your SIM for a period of up to 12 calendar months after it is activated or after your receive your new SIM from us without activating it, whichever may come first. Your SIM is said to be activated once you insert it into a mobile phone and it automatically follows the process to send you your UK number and picks up a roaming network on its own within few seconds or few minutes.
  3. The SIM saves you over 90% of telephone costs when traveling abroad because you do not pay any roaming charges, no monthly bill, no pre-departure travel obligation, no maximum use policy, no hassle, and no story.
  4. The Dual Global Mobile SIM has low outgoing call rates; from 3 cents per minute using Web initiated call in some countries and from 6 cents per minute using SIM initiated call. There are many other features such as call forwarding, Voicemail settings, etc.
  5. Imagine a SIM, for instance, if you travel 5 times in a year with the Dual Global Mobile SIM and your total telephone cost/bill is between $200 and $500 in a year compared to other local networks in your country where if you use any of them to roam abroad for 5 times in a year, you will be spending between $3500 and $5000 while some customers of Dual Global Mobile who were using those local networks to roam abroad who are now using the Dual Global Mobile said some networks even billed more than $5000 in three trips overseas without thorough explanations. This does not include the monthly plan they may be billing you if your phone is on a monthly plan per say, which ranges from $25 to $190 (for those who are on higher plan which may allow calling home when on international trip). But with the Dual Global Mobile SIM, you have control over your spending, call monitoring, etc.
  6. Imagine a world where you do not need to buy SIM card in each of the five countries you travel to or have more than 4 SIMs buying a SIM in each country you travel to just to place a call and receive call, but with the Dual Global Mobile SIM, you are okay with just that one Dual Global Mobile SIM: ONE SIM for the World and ONE SIM for all your telecommunications and Internet access when traveling abroad! The Dual Global Mobile!!

While some may say they use Skype and other internet phones to place a call free of charge, yet you cannot compare this with the Dual Global Mobile SIM, which also has the VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol] access through its Web Initiated call [WI] feature and the rates are even cheaper than most Internet Phones in the United States such as Magic jack, Vonage, Rebtel and other Internet Phones’ providers from other parts of the world.

Even when comparing to our SIM [the Dual Global Mobile SIM] Initiated call (SI), our rates are even cheaper than most Internet Phones when using it to call international numbers [numbers that are not the same with your country’s telephone numbers] in some countries,. Some of these internet phones, you will spend 25 cents per minute and above whereas using the Dual Global Mobile SIM initiated call, you will spend around 10 cents per minute and in some countries, using the Dual Global Mobile Web Initiated Call (WI), you will spend around 3 cents or so per minute. Again, you will also be paying for the internet access in order to use those internet phones to place a call, and of course the internet speed must be very fast and reliable in order to effectively and successfully transmit your voice over the internet if not so, you will not hear the party you are calling neither would be party hear you clearly. Fast and reliable internet access is not free or cheap anywhere in the world. Now, figuratively add the cost of fast and reliable internet access and the calling rates for those internet phones you will be paying, and adding such indirect cost with the calling rate, you will be spending up to 45 cents a minute to place such calls. If you are using a very slow internet speed, just forget about using internet phones. But not with the Dual Global Mobile SIM Initiated call, it is a direct call without any internet access and very cheap with Grade A1 Crystal Clear Voice Quality.

  1. 22. Imagine a mobile world where you do not need to inform your telephone network provider that you are traveling to so and so country for them to REALLY program your phone to work in those countries, which in some networks, cannot be more than 3 to 20 countries for you to place and receive a call and if you go beyond that, your phone will not work or you are billed a higher bill. But with the Dual Global Mobile, not so, you do not need to pre-inform us, neither.

You just Go…! Talk Global!!……With Ease!!!

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