DGM – Global Roaming eSIM – DATA, Voice & SMS enabled

USA & Global Roaming Smart SIM – VOICE, SMS & DATA enabled

Smartphone                                                                     WORLD FIRST RUGGED TRAVEL SMART PHONE

DGM – GLOBAL DATA ROAMING Physical SIM              

Smartphone                                                                                 WORLD FIRST RUGGED TRAVEL SMART PHONE


Cell Phone Accessory – PRESERVA PHONE


Testimonials – DGM SIM users

See what our customers are saying of the DGM Roaming Smart SIM for their frequent, regular and periodical regional and international travels.

“I am so happy that I got to know about the Dual Global SIM precisely in March 23, 2014 and I bought it and used it for an extensive business trip to Japan, Hong Kong, UAE,  UK, Switzerland and Germany, I only loaded $100 and to my surprise I came home back with left over airtime credit of $19.56 for a four months duration. I am okay with such a huge cost saving travel telephone companion and I am still using it for my oversea trips for business and vacation

Sean J.Businessman

“My first experience with the DGM SIM was when I was to travel to Australia & NZ for a business trip. I ordered the SIM, inserted into my phone and it started working. I used it for my vacation in Australia & NZ with free incoming calls all through my two months stay and returning back to the UK, I was still having some airtime credit in it to my surprise without any huge telephone bill waiting for unlike when I I used to travel my my local network SIM overseas. I recommend the DGM SIM

Gladys M.Doctor

I got to know about Dual Global Mobile through a friend in early May 2016 when I was to travel to Italy. So, I ordered for the SIM Card and got it in the mail almost at the last hours to my catching up with my flight. I inserted into my phone as per the instructions that was all. Worked very well with cheap outgoing call. I enjoyed so much free incoming calls while in Italy without any hassles throughout my two weeks’ vacation in Italy and back to the US

Pete A.User

I ordered Dual Global Mobile USA & Global Smart SIM Card the beginning of the Summer of 201, received it and then travel with it from the United States to Spain, France, Germany, and then to Dubai in the Middle East all through the Summer Season before returning to the US with $200 airtime topup and was still having left over of $8 airtime in my SIM account. I saved money and their free incoming call was superb and low outgoing call. I also used the SIM to travel to England to spend the Christmas with my extended family members in December 2018 and in early January 2019 and it was cost saving after topping up a $100 airtime, still return to the United States with $15 left in my SIM Account after spending three weeks.

Juan WhitefieldBusiness & Holiday Traveler