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Smart SIM


World Free Roaming Travel Smart SIM
with +44 UK & +1 US Permanent Phone Numbers in ONE Smart SIM
Voice, SMS, & DATA
 Call, SMS, Browse & Download
* Coverage in 230+ Countries 
* Free Incoming Calls in 120+ Countries
*Calls from 2 cents/minute
*550+ Global Network Partners 

Smart SIM

 DATA only SIM 

World Free Roaming DATA only Smart SIM
DATA only
Browse, Download & Stream
* Coverage in 254+ Countries
* 850+ Global Network Parnters
* Browse from 1 cent/MB
* Internet of Things (IoT) Smart SIM
* 2G, 3G & 4G Access

Global WiFi 

Unlimited Global WiFi  Roaming Plans

One Global Unlimited WiFi Plan Account
50+ Million WiFi Hotspots Worldwide Coverage!
100+ Countries  covered including US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain  & the rest of  Europe, Australia & Oceania, Japan & the Pacific, Middle East & Africa
* Coverage at the Airports, Airplanes, Hotels, Convention Centers, Cities, Stadiums Seaports, Cruiselines, Trains,

Phone Systems Global 

Smartphone System Global
Officephone System Global
Toll Free Numbers
Local Telephone Numbers

Subscribe for a Local Tel Number and/or a Toll Free Number and Roam with your Smartphone, Officephone globally and pay a local rate.


Buy a Smartphone compartible with the DGM Smart Travel SIM Card.

Cell Phones Accessories

Cell PhoneAccessories

Protech your Cell Phones and Health with latest Cell Phone Accessories and Gadgets as your roam overseas


I got to know about Dual Global Mobile through a friend in early May 2016 when I was to travel to Italy. So, I ordered for the SIM Card and got it in the mail almost at the last hours to my catching up with my flight. I inserted into my phone as per the instructions, that was all. Worked very well with cheap outgoiong call. I enjoyed so much free incoming calls while in Italy withou any hassles throughout my two weeks vacation in Italy and back to the US

“My first experiece with the DGM SIM was when I was to travel to Australia & NZ for a business trip. I ordered the SIM, inserted into my phone and it started working. I used it for my vacation in Australia & NZ with free incoming calls all through my two months stay and returning back to the UK, I was still having some airtime credit in it to my surprise without any huge telephone bill waiting for unlike when I I used to travel my my local network SIM overseas. I recommend the DGM SIM

“I am so happy that I got to know about the Dual Global SIM precisely in March 23, 2014 and I bought it and used it for an extensive business trip to Japan, Hong Kong, UAE,  UK, Switzerland and Germany, I only loaded $100 and to my surprise I came home back with left over airtime credit of $19.56 for a four months duration. I am okay with such a huge cost saving travel telephone companion and I am still using it for my oversea trips for business and vacation.


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Why You Need The DGM Travel Smart SIM

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